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The following information has been prepared for those interested in joining the Royal Order of Constantine the Great &  Saint Helen. A person requesting admission to the Order, and to be invested as a Knight or Dame should be aware that he/she intends to become a part of a Chivalric Institution, and consequently should be prepared to adopt and to practice a Chivalric Code of Honor.

Qualifications and Exclusions for Membership
Acceptance into the Order is based on the assessment of the human values and quality of character of the applicant, without distinction or discrimination based on religious, social class, race, political tendencies, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

The following are among the desired qualifications for membership in the Order:

  • To be at least 25 years of age.
  • To be a stable person holding a dignified and steady employment.
  • To be morally and socially well considered.
  • To be practitioners of any learned profession or members of the Armed Forces.
  • To be retired persons, or veterans of military service.
  • To be persons considered socially and professionally as capable, just, honest, compassionate and courageous.
  • To be persons willing and having the economic capacity to pledge. And meet successfully at least the minimum amount of contribution and to comply with the Annual Membership Dues.

The following are impediments for attaining membership:

  • To have delinquent or criminal records.
  • To be employed or follow professions or the lifestyles that could be viewed as dishonorable by generally accepted standards.

There are 2 paths to Knighthood:

  • As Knight or Dame -at an Investiture without a waiting period
  • As a Member with a 1 to 2 year waiting period

To become a Member of the Order
The application will be reviewed locally, by the Prior and the District Council. Once the postulant passes the screening process, he/she will then be invited to become a member of the Order of Constantine the Great or the Order of St.Helen. The postulant will retain the rank of Member, participating in events and activities, and serving on committees until the Grand Council receives a recommendation from his/her local Prior that the member is ready to be inducted as a Knight or Dame and is awaiting the approval of the Grand Prior General. The normal Member waiting period will most likely be between one to two years. 

A prospective postulant must make a formal request to be considered for membership. At which time, the Prior will interview the postulant. If the postulant passes the interview process, he/she will then be invited to submit the application along with the passage fee of $500.00.

During this waiting period, Members will be required to meet their annual financial obligation of $100 membership dues payable annually by June 30.  Each new member will be assigned an existing Knight or Dame to guide him or her,  and offer instruction in the Knightly Renaissance, history, obligations and protocol of the Order. Additionally, each member will be required to attend at least one event at a local or national level each year. This will provide the opportunity for the Member to decide if the Order’s vision and mission are one they can diligently support. 

The Council and Prior will also have the opportunity to ensure the member’s interest and abilities are compatible to the Order before bestowing the formal honor, title and decorations as a Knight or Dame during this time. 

Once the local Prior is satisfied that the member will make an appropriate addition to the Order as a Knight or Dame, they will be invited to submit a promotion application for Knight or Dame status, along with the passage fee of $500. This promotion application and passage fee will need to be submitted to the District Prior or Commander who will review and forward to the Grand Prior General. 

The new member will be expected to purchase the Knight/Dames appropriate attire, dress uniform, chapel capes, or other items prior to being promoted.

To become a Knight or Dame of the Order
Each prospective postulant is invited to submit an application along with the non-refundable $100.00 processing fee. The application will be reviewed by the local Prior and the District Council. Once the postulant has been approved, and upon receipt of the remaining $900.00 fee (total passage fees is $1000.00), he/she will then be invited to attend an Investiture where the Oath of the Knighthood will be administered, and they will become a Knight or Dame of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great or the Order of St.Helen.

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